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Robot Army Sets Guinness Record for Dancing

 |  |  August 8, 2016

Have you ever wondered what an army of small robots would look like? What about an army of dancing robots? Well, we are here to deliver as usual. This is a fun sight, but also scary as hell. This is what it would look like if robots took over the world and turned it into a musical. God help us.


This isn’t actually the start of the robopocalypse. Actually, you’re looking at the Guinness World Record for Most Robots Dancing Simultaneously. The 1,007 robots were organized by a team from Ever Win Company & Ltd. at the Qingdao Beer Festival in Shandong, China.


They accomplished their task despite several robots being disqualified for falling down or failing to perform. There are always a few slackers. However, the total number was enough to successfully set the record and create a new robot dance phenomenon. You can check out the feat in the video below:

[via Laughing Squid]