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The KickStick Can Propel You up to 30 mph on Your Skateboard


Written by Conner Flynn | August 15, 2016

If you want to reach insane new speeds on your skateboard, you have to check this out. KickStick, by Rise Robotics, helps skateboard riders get some extra speed. It’s probably pretty dangerous, but since when do skateboarders care about danger?

But rather than adding motors directly to your skateboard, the KickStick is basically a long stick with a wheel at the end. You put the wheel down and lean into it, which will then drive you forward at speeds up to 30mph. The more you lean on the stick, the faster you go. The motor will generate up to 2.75hp, and has swappable batteries, you can keep going as far as you want. The stick collapses too, so it is easy to take with you anywhere.

Do you feel the need for skateboard speed? KickStick’s inventors plan to launch it on Indiegogo soon.

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