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BedLight Is a Motion Activated LED Light for Your Bed

 |  |  |  |  August 19, 2016

You know how it is: it’s late at night and you have to get up to pee, but you don’t want to wake up your partner by turning the room light on, so you blindly stumble across the room and trip, making a ton of noise and you wake them up anyway. You need the BedLight.

The BedLight is two 5ft strips of LEDs that you place under your bed, producing a warm, indirect light. They turn on as soon as they detect movement, and turn off after 30 seconds to 10 minutes with the adjustable timer. You get all of the mounting accessories, including clips to hide the cables, and can ship with either one or two sensors, depending on how many sides of your bed you need to light up.

While there are plenty of LED lights to illuminate your toilet now, this looks like a great solution to keep you from stubbing your toe or running into a wall while you get up to do your thing.

Prices for the BedLight start at $55(USD).

[via Ohgizmo]