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Captain America Teapot: The Thirst Avenger

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Written by Conner Flynn | August 26, 2016

Avengers assemble! For tea time. Make your next beverage service a truly patriotic and geeky experience with this cool Captain America Teapot. Nothing is more American than tea- wait, what? Tea is more of a British thing right? Oh well, I’m sure Steve Rogers knows what he’s doing. More like Steep Rogers. Am I right? Steep Rogers?

Anyway, this teapot is going to look awesome in your kitchen as you prepare for Avengers: Age of Chamomile, your epic tea masterpiece.

I bet the Cap invites the whole team over and then has to replace Hulk’s cup every two seconds as it shatters in his big green hand. Just use two fingers Hulk. Oh, and be sure to keep your pinky out.