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Guy Plays Drum Machine with His Crotch

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Written by Conner Flynn | August 28, 2016

Looking for the latest in fashion and technology? Check out these Electric Sexy Drum Pants. Their name is completely self explanatory, though the sexy part is questionable. This is a pair of pants with a drum controller pad in the crotch. Making music with these pants requires hitting yourself below the belt repeatedly.

They were created by Japanese multimedia artist and experimental pop music composer Kaoring Machine. This guy’s mom complains because he spends all day in his room, “playing the drums”. I guess he marches to the beat of a different drum.

Toward the end of the video he actually looks like he may be typing the great American novel on his nuts, rather than drumming, but who knows? Are you doing a drum solo or are you just happy to see… yeah, I don’t even want to know.

[via Dangerous Minds via Geekologie]