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Zero Breeze Is a Battery-Powered and Portable Air Conditioner

 |  |  |  August 30, 2016

Enjoying the outdoors is fun in the summer, but sometimes it’s too hot to be comfortable. That’s when you want to have the Zero Breeze nearby. It is a portable air conditioner that measures just 18.3″ x 6.5″ x 3.8″ and weighs just 8.8 pounds. That small form factor delivers enough cooling power to lower the temperature in a 50-foot room.

It cools things down alright.  It can actually get temperatures to as low as 44.6 degrees Fahrenheit in close quarters if you want to be almost frozen. What makes this especially impressive is that it requires no power outlet. The Zero Breeze comes with a battery dock that can keep it running for five hours between charges. Of course, you can plug it in too, if you’ve got access to an outlet.

It works it’s magic using a rotary compressor with Dupont’s R-134a refrigerant, the same coolant used for the air-conditioning systems in automobiles and home systems. Of course, it can be used indoors as well, but you’ll need to hook it up to the included exhaust hose to get rid of hot air through a window.

The Zero Breeze also doubles as a bluetooth speaker, a nightlight, and will even charge your gadgets. What other air conditioner can do that? Pledges to reserve a unit start at $389(USD) on Kickstarter, and the project has already blown through its goal by nearly 400% with over a month to go.

[via Cool Things]