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Spray-On Coating Protects a Watermelon From a 150-Foot Drop

 |  |  |  August 31, 2016

I bet you have wondered if those miracle sprays that promise to protect the liner of your pickup truck from damage actually work. However, you can’t trust anyone these days, so I totally understand your skepticism. But here is video proof that the material really works.

The amateur scientists at YouTube’s How Ridiculous set out to see if these sprays work. Their highly unscientific, yet still awesome test had them coat a watermelon in Line-X spray, then dropped it off a 150-feet tall tower.

Incredivly, the watermelon survived the fall, where you would have broken your melon. Not only did it survive, but it bounced on impact. The stuff works!

It was so durable, that they couldn’t even open it with an axe. When they ultimately cut the watermelon open afterwards with a miter saw, the insides had been reduced to mush. So did it really survive? I would call that watermelon brain damage at the very least. The impressive thing is that the rind was still completely intact. Awesome.

[via Sploid]