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Anti-Mosquito Socks Stop Pesky Ankle Biters

 |  |  |  |  September 1, 2016

Is a one-person bug tent just not enough for you? Maybe you need more protection to feel safe from all of those biting bugs. These $20 knee-length Mosquito Netting Socks will protect you from all of those nasty blood suckers.

If you grandmother wore a fashionable hazmat suit, this is what her legs would look like. They may not be much of a fashion statement, but they will protect you from mosquitoes.

Now you just need a suit made of this mesh to go with them and your whole body will be protected from bites. Good news, everyone! Hammacher Schlemmer sells mosquito-proof shirts, pants, and jackets too.

[via NoPuedoCreer via OhGizmo!]