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Dyson Cinetic Canister Vacuum Wobbles But It Won’t Fall Down

 |  |  |  September 2, 2016

Canister vacuums are known for constantly tipping over as they roll across your floors, so Dyson has created a canister vacuum that can always right itself like those old Weebles toys.


The spherical design is what makes the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball’s trailing canister able to always get back up onto its two wheels. The heaviest components are as close to the ground as possible giving the canister a low center of gravity. It’s still going to fall over, but now it will pick itself back up.

Aside from that cool feature, this vacuum has an articulated extending cleaning handle that rotates in three directions so you can easily raise it above your head to get those hot glue cobwebs after Halloween is over for instance. The Cinetic also has no filters that ever need washing or replacing, and also has a self-winding power cord; one that won’t retract super fast like a whip, because it has a centrifugal braking system to keep the cord’s speed in check as it retracts.


All this amazing vacuum cleaner tech can be yours for $600(USD) from Amazon.

[via Gizmodo]