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Fidget Cube Is Heaven for Fidgeters

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Written by Conner Flynn | September 6, 2016

We all fidget in our own way. Some people tap their fingers or play with their keys. Others press the clickers on their pens. They told you in school to stop fidgeting, it just never worked. Well, for you fidgety types, the Fidget Cube is a small vinyl desk toy designed to handle all of your fidgeting needs.


It’s a widget…for fidget! They are about the size of a large die, and they come equipped with a bunch of fidgeting-friendly mechanisms on each side.


There’s stuff you can click, press, slide, roll, and spin. Fidget as much as you want. That’s what they are for. Do your thing man. You be you and do your fidgety thing.

Get one for $19(USD) through the Kickstarter campaign.


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