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This Steel D20 Could Literally Kill the Demogorgon

 |  |  |  |  September 13, 2016

If you have spent any amount of time playing Dungeons & Dragons or any other fantasy role-playing game that involves dice, you know the D20. This 20-sided die is the one that you go to when shiz gets real and you have only a slight chance of killing the Demogorgon.


Normally this die is made of plastic just in case a nerd rages and throws it at the balls of another nerd during the game. I have seen this happen on a few occasions. I can only imagine the havoc this steel D20 would have made; someone would probably have not made it past 13-years-old in my crew.


Blacksmith Gil Ramierez’s video below shows the involved forging process for this steel D20 and it’s pretty awesome to see. Just don’t roll it on mom’s glass dinner table.

[via Core77]