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These Swarming Robots Can Avoid Collisions with Each Other

 |  |  |  September 14, 2016

Score another victory for robot-kind. A system which coordinates swarms of robots to avoid colliding with one another has been developed by a team at Georgia Tech’s GRITS Laboratory. The Safe Swarm Robotics system works by adding minimally invasive safety controllers to the robots, and it can prevent collisions in a large groups of robots that are working together. Thank God robot accidents will be down from now on.

The system works for ground-based robots and flying drones too. It not only prevents them from crashing into each other, but it can also detect other obstacles like a non-integrated robot, human, or animal and avoid them too. Which is interesting, because I thought for sure, it wouldn’t care about humans or animals. I don’t trust that.

Seriously, this is pretty cool tech. Check out the videos to see how robots coordinate to avoid colliding.

[via IEEESpectrum via Laughing Squid]