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Catch ‘Em All with This Awesome Custom Poke Ball

 |  |  |  September 29, 2016

Pokemon GO is still the rage right now, with millions of people around the world from all age groups still playing the game. If you want a little Poke Ball action in your geeky collection, this thing is the ticket. Jasper Hams created this Poke Ball and it is awesome.


I’m not sure how he did it, but it looks like something Hot Toys would make. It comes in a glass cylinder that reminds me of Ghostbusters for some reason.

I really dig the inside. I always wondered what the inside of a Poke Ball looked like, and now we know. I also wonder if it’s cruel to capture wild Pokemon and cram them inside a tiny ball.

You can own it for $133(USD) on Etsy.

[via boingboing]