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Exploding Galaxy Note 7 GTA V Sticky Bomb Mod

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Written by Conner Flynn | October 4, 2016

Samsung has not had an easy time lately, what with their exploding smartphones and washing machines, but the good news is that the worst seems to be behind them. Mostly. The Internet will make sure that the tale lives on though, via YouTube clips like this one. Here, the Galaxy Note 7 is put to good use in a fun Grand Theft Auto V mod, as a sticky bomb. Seems appropriate.

It all starts with a visit to the weapons store. There sits a shiny new Galaxy Note 7. After that, Modded Games shows us how it can be used to create all kinds of fiery chaos. Samsung surely won’t find this funny, but at least they can be thankful that real-life Note 7 owners have not come to any serious harm.

Maybe Samsung has a future creating weapons.

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