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Toyota KIROBO Mini Robot Wants to Be Your Driving Co-Pilot

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Written by Conner Flynn | October 4, 2016

Driving can get lonely. It helps to have a companion. Even if it isn’t human. That’s why Toyota has announced that it’ll sell its KIROBO Mini “communication partner robot” starting at the end of this year. This little guy will be your wingman.


Just plop KIROBO Mini into your car’s cupholder, and your long journeys will never be the same, as the robot will keep you company with casual conversation in standard Japanese. The robot will turn its head toward whoever is speaking, nod in agreement, and even attempt to analyze your emotions with a built-in camera. KIROBO is the ultimate car yes man… bot.

The robot will also work outside of the car, as it learns about your personal preferences, keeps an eye on things you’re doing, and provides color commentary on your life.

KIROBO Mini will cost you 39,800 Yen ($392USD), and you can get one from a series of low-volume pre-sales at Toyota dealerships in Tokyo and Aichi Prefecture at the end of this year.

If you can’t have a human with you, this bot will have to do.

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