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Amazon Echo Can Now Lock and Unlock Your BMW

 |  |  |  |  |  October 10, 2016

Amazon Echo and its Alexa voice assistant platform can do many things, and it is learning to do more all of the time. It can call you an Uber, it can turn on the lights, it can read to you, it can tell you the weather, it can even order you a pizza. Its latest trick is to lock or unlock your car doors if you own a BMW.

Working in concert with BMW’s new Connected app version 3.0 will also check the battery and fuel levels, and even let you load a trip onto its nav system. Pretty useful stuff for BMW owners. Basically any Alexa compatible device can remotely control certain aspects of the car. This will help you save some time, and provide peace of mind.

Hyundai owners already have help from Alexa, and Ford is expected to add support by the end of the year. Other carmakers will surely follow.

[via BMWBlog via Ubergizmo]