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Internet Ready Coffin: LOL In Peace


Written by Conner Flynn | October 11, 2016

Many people believe in life after death, which explains why they often bury their loved ones with important objects that meant something to them in life. What could be more important than the internet? New Zealand based fiber internet provider MyRepublic has designed a coffin that will deliver the internet to you long after you are buried.


It has internet connectivity, gaming and quality sound. This coffin will keep your corpse entertained for a long time as you slowly rot. It has a PlayStation 4, HDTV, high-speed router and surround sound audio system. MyRepublic Managing Director, Vaughan Baker explains;

In the great Kiwi tradition of not taking ourselves too seriously, the MyRepublic Coffin is a way of showing we’re so dedicated to delivering high speed fibre internet that we know no limits. In fact our internet connections are so fast people will want to take it wherever they go – even to the grave!

This is a great way to get their point across. If you really want one though, the company is giving away this coffin to one lucky winner. Or unlucky, if you have to use it right away, I guess.

[via Damn Geeky]