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The Splashlight Squirt Gun Shoots Glow-in-the-dark Water

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Written by Conner Flynn | October 13, 2016

SplashLight is the water gun leveled up. It shoots out glow-in-the-dark water that will leave your enemies looking like they have been slimed by a ghost.

You might be thinking that you need to mix up special ammo to arm it up with glowing water. Nope. It actually loads up with bioluminescent fuel that mixed with the water before it leaves the gun’s nozzle, thereby turning ordinary water into a glowing liquid that will make for some awesome looking nighttime squirt gun battles.


The bioluminescent fuel comes in pill form, which you just pop in a chamber. Each reload of the fuel lasts for 200 blasts, so you’ll go through a lot of them. It also works as a regular water gun if you run out, firing at targets up to 12 feet away.

The SplashLight is $24.95(USD), and includes two glowing fuel reloads. Additional two-packs go for $9.95, so this could get expensive depending on how much you use it.

[via Cool Things]