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Kobi Robot Looks Like a Batmobile, Does All Your Yard Work

 |  |  |  |  |  October 17, 2016

Forget robotic lawnmowers. They only do part of the job. What we need is something that looks like a Batmobile and can mow grass, mulch leaves, and remove snow. That’s the Kobi Garden Robot. This amazing machine will maintain lawns and gardens all year long.


The robot will first make a digital map of the area so you will have to show it your property boundaries and so forth. Once you do, it will use that digital map, along with GPS and safety sensors, to find its way around your place and do it’s thing. Kobi can perform daily maintenance on your property, so your grass will always be perfectly trimmed, leaves mulched. During the snowy season, it does the same thing, removing every small amount of snow it finds. It actually uses real-time weather reports to know if it’s snowing.


This looks like a pretty handy yard robot. It is still in the consumer testing phase, but when it is ready for lawns everywhere, it will cost $3,999(USD). So I guess rich people’s lawns will be immaculate. If you can afford one, you will never have to cut grass or remove snow again.

[via Cool Things]