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Polygon Is One Measuring Spoon to Rule Them All


Written by Conner Flynn | October 20, 2016

At first glance, this thing looks like nothing more than a small ruler, but that’s just a clever disguise. Really, the Polygon is an origami-like strip that can be folded to create different sizes of measuring spoons, making it the flattest set of measuring spoons out there.

It has cleverly-designed hinges integrated along its surface, which is how it transforms into various sizes of measuring spoons for accurately adding ingredients to your baking projects.


The spoons don’t retain their folded shape once you let go. The material can flex up to 100,000 times without failing. It comes in two sizes: tablespoon and teaspoon. Each one comes with four bowl sizes (one, one-half, three-fourths, and one-fourth) with a bowl design that should handle powdered, liquid, and other ingredients easily.

You can find them on Kickstarter and get yourself a set for $12(USD).

[via Cool Things]