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LEGO RC Plane Actually Flies

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Written by Conner Flynn | October 26, 2016

LEGO bricks can build many things, but we’ve never seen them on a functional aircraft. After all, they’re not exactly known for their stability or aerodynamic properties. Believing that nothing is impossible, YouTuber PeterSripol built what he thinks is the world’s first LEGO radio-controlled plane that can actually fly.

Well, it flies like it has a drunk minifig pilot, but it still flies. It is pretty amazing that they got it to fly at all. The video shows the entire construction of the plane if you want to see how it was done. The test flights start around the 10 minute mark if you want to skip ahead.

Maybe this will inspire LEGO to get to work on an official RC LEGO plane that we can all buy one day. Perhaps they can make one that flies less like it is drunk.

[via Gizmodo]