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Review: IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitor Reference Studio Speakers

 |  |  October 27, 2016

Musicians have long turned to IK Multimedia for tech gadgets and audio gear to make their lives better. Their latest product, the iLoud Micro Monitors are designed to give musicians – or anyone really – the purest sound available from desktop speakers. While other speakers might over- or under-emphasize certain parts of the spectrum, these compact monitors are designed to produce the most accurate sound possible, while still providing plenty of volume.


Despite measuring in at just 7.08″(h) x 5.31″ (d) x 3.54″(w), and weighing under 3.75 lb each, these speakers produce a sound that is anything but small, easily filling my combination living room/office, which measures about 300 square feet. Each speaker packs a 3/4″ silk dome tweeter, and a 3″ composite woofer, and the system is driven by Class-D bi-amplification with 50 watts total power.


Their unassuming black enclosures are designed to minimize coloration, and do a great job doing so. Thanks to their isolated stands there’s no annoying vibrations or other unwanted artifacts, even at high volumes. These bad boys also offer up a nice wide soundstage that doesn’t seem artificially enlarged, but that accurately replicates the imaging of recorded sources.

Overall frequency response seems very smooth all the way up to 20kHZ based on the audible tests I conducted at The low end doesn’t make a meaningful appearance until about 48Hz, but frankly those lowest frequencies are more likely to cause unwanted vibrations, and make little difference in most real world listening scenarios.


Beyond their sound capabilities, IK included a variety of thoughtful capabilities, including screw thread mounts so you can put them on standard microphone stands, tiltable stands for desktop positioning, and Bluetooth connectivity for those times when you want to listen to your mobile devices. There are also EQ modes for both desktop and free-standing modes, as well as available -3dB filters for high or low frequencies, though I certainly preferred to leave the sound completely flat, which is what the Micro Monitors are all about.


Whether you’re a musician or are just looking for an excellent pair of compact speakers, you won’t be disappointed with their clean sonic profile, great imaging, and ample headroom. Priced at just $299.99 (USD) per pair, they definitely outperform other speakers in their price range, and offer a great midway point between inexpensive desktop speakers and pricey studio monitors. The iLoud Micro Monitors are available for pre-order now, and should start shipping later this month.