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This Jeep Pedal Kart Offers Off-roading Fun for Rich Kids

 |  |  |  October 28, 2016

This is a far cry from the pedal cars you grew up with. This Jeep-branded pedal car is perfect for off-roading kids who want a thrill. The Jeep Revolution BFR-3 pedal go-kart has three gears, plus reverse, a swing axle to keep it stable on rough terrain, and over-sized air-filled tires including a spare.

If you are on the road, the BFR-3’s gearshift to the right of its seat lets you squeeze as much speed from your pedaling as possible, just like on a bike. But when the terrain gets rough, you can switch gears so that it’s easier to pedal while off-road. Pretty sweet! It can be pedaled in reverse, making it easier to get out jams.


You can even add options like a roll bar, a passenger seat that can be strapped to the back, and even a spare tire. It sells for about $950(USD) so have fun rich brats!


[via Bless This Stuff via Gizmodo]