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The Smabow Baseball Cap Lets You Mount Your Smartphone on It

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Written by Conner Flynn | November 1, 2016

One reason that Google Glass failed was that the headset had a built-in camera, so people felt weird about you recording video and taking photos of other people without them knowing about it. Just mount your smartphone to a baseball cap, and be up-front about your video taking. Thanks to Japan, you can!


The Smabow baseball cap is simply a baseball cap that has a mount for either a smartphone or camera. That’s it. Simple. Wear it and do your thing.


According to the product listing on Japan Trend Shop, it’s “designed to fit almost all smartphones (all the iPhones, all the Galaxy S-es, all the Sony Xperias, and so on) as well as GoPro cameras. The Smabow Camera Hat allows you to shoot all those cool and dramatic first-person videos you see everywhere these days, leaving your hands free.” Sweet!

I guess it would be good for people who vlog a lot, or for travelers who don’t want to hold onto their cameras. It sounds great, if you don’t mind paying $42(USD) for a cap.

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