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Play-Doh App Turns Your Creations into Animated Characters

 |  |  |  November 2, 2016

Play-Doh is a fun toy for kids, but their creations really don’t last long. They get turned into something else or dry out and break. Well, now they can be preserved forever inside Hasbro’s new app that transforms your Play-Doh creations into animated characters.


The Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life Studio will be available this fall for $40(USD) and it is the next step in Play-Doh evolution. While it includes a bunch of Play-Doh and stampers, it’s focused around a new app that turns kid’s creations into digital characters using an iPhone or iPad’s camera. Simply photograph your Play-Doh creation against a white background, so that the app can capture it and turn it into a 3D digital character that kids can interact with.


Inside the app, the character can explore different worlds, jump over obstacles, and collect power-ups somewhat like a Super Mario level. To access other worlds and activities, kids can use some included stampers to create characters and shapes to unlock new content. The app will be available in the iTunes App Store for free, but additional content will only be available as paid upgrades.

Interestingly, scanned objects don’t have to be made from Play-Doh either. If your kid has a favorite tiny toy they’d like to bring into the app, just stick it in front of the camera. There’s no online sharing, so your kids will be safe from inappropriate content and parents don’t have to worry.

Your kids will have a lot more fun with their Play-Doh creations now.

[Play-Doh via Gizmodo]