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Bixi Adds Gesture Control to Your Other Gadgets

 |  |  |  November 6, 2016

Bixi is the latest gadget that wants your to control your devices with gestures. It offers touch-free and wireless control of your stuff with the wave of a hand. It can control multiple devices like smartphones, displays, e-book readers, apps, and IoT devices like smart lightbulbs.


Control your volume and lighting with a simple wave of your hand. Swipe upward and downward to scroll on a page.If you’re wondering about the tech behind Bixi, it uses “next-generation time-of-flight based optical sensors with millimeter level precision,” and connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth.


It actually appears that all control is done via your smartphone, so Bixi is actually interfacing with your devices via that, rather than establishing connections directly with your devices.


In theory, Bixi should make controlling your many devices a breeze, and it looks great in the video, but remembering several gestures for separate devices and separate applications seems like a bit much. Still, if you get used to it, this is a handy device. You can pre-order Bixi for $79(USD) on Kickstarter. It’s expected to start shipping in early 2017.

[via Damn Geeky]