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Rotary Cellphone: Galaxy Note Senior

 |  |  November 6, 2016

It’s a pain to teach older folks how to use a smartphone again and again. It’s time we had a phone that they can use easily, so they stop bothering us. This is perfect. YouTube’s Mr. Volt built a custom cellphone out of aluminum, brass, and wood with a working rotary dial – just like the old days!

It’s super old-school, thanks to its brick-like form factor and hefty weight. The other features are equally dated, like a tiny OLED display, enough memory to store one phone number, and an FM radio. Your grandparents are going to love this. If I’m being honest, it looks pretty damn cool and retro. I would use it.

Who are we kidding? Grandma is still going to have questions. Hopefully not as many.

[via Gizmodo]