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Unicorn Gold Is a Magical Bathroom Spray Made from Unicorn Farts

 |  |  |  |  November 14, 2016

At last, a bathroom spray that can slay the smell of poop. Unicorn Gold is a anti-odor spray that uses gold particles to bind with poop smell particles and make your bathroom smell like a magical kingdom.

This product comes from the fine folks at Squatty Potty, who have produced another great video to show off it’s virtues. Who knew it would be gold that would save us from poop stink?

I feel kind of sorry for those unicorns on the assembly line with their butts attached to tubes. I hope they are being treated fairly. If not, we’ll all have to call PETMA, the People For The Ethical Treatment of Magical Animals.



[via Laughing Squid]