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Death Star Tree Topper is No Moon

 |  |  |  |  November 15, 2016

Not too long ago I talked a bit about a Doctor Who tardis tree topper. If your geeky tendencies lean more towards Star Wars, you might prefer this tree topper instead. This is the Death Star and it sits on top of your tree set to destroy your gifts.


It can glow red or blue and the planet destroying weapon glows an ominous green. It can also play bothe the Imperial March and Star Wars theme music. It measures 6.5-inches across, and power comes from three LR44 button batteries. I assume those batteries are for the remote that looks like the Imperial crest, since the glowing Death Star plugs into a normal outlet or can plug into a Hallmark magic cord, sold separately.


You can get your very own Imperial battle station over at ThinkGeek for $99.95. Just hope that they fixed the exhaust port defect on this one, or you might have a mess on your hands come New Years Day when the Rebels show up to take down your tree.