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Watch This Working LEGO Factory Build a Paper Box

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Written by Conner Flynn | November 22, 2016

Check out this elaborate LEGO Mindstorms miniature factory. It is a real working factory in miniature, where minifigs can slave away for sub-par wages as they sweat and toil. It takes about three minutes to perform just one task: making a tiny folded paper cube.

The engineering here in this student build from Jade Hochschule is amazing. Every moving part is made from LEGO. The only parts that aren’t are the class 4 laser that cuts and scores the paper sheets as they’re loaded in, and the safety glass that prevents people from being blinded when they look in the machine.

They must sell that single box for a small fortune since that’s the only thing the factory produces. Though I hear there may be some minifig layoffs soon.


[via iEEE Spectrum via Gizmodo]