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Roomba Caught in a Plastic Bag Commits Suicide

 |  |  November 25, 2016

Being a Roomba is pretty depressing. You just roll along, picking up dirt for your whole life, never getting a thank you, never getting a pat on the back, but always getting a charge so you can continue on with your hellish existence. Sound familiar? It’s no wonder that Roomba suicides are skyrocketing.

ThisĀ iRobot Roomba first putĀ a plastic bag over its sensor, trying to somehow suffocate itself, then goes nuts running from corner to corner and banging itself against the wall. When that doesn’t work, it hurls itself off the stairs to its death. The tuxedo cat comes out to investigate and is horrified. The whole tragic scene was captured by Victor Starenky through his home camera security system.

RIP Roomba. We hardly knew you.

[via Laughing Squid]