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Star Wars Personal Air Purifiers: Breathe in the Power of The Force

 |  |  November 30, 2016

Love Star Wars? Have bad air? Well the marketing teams behind the movies have you covered with these Star Wars Personal Air Purifiers, because they can’t think of any other merch that they haven’t already made.


Rogue One is arriving next month and the movie looks pretty amazing. To celebrate, and help with your allergies, you can now buy a limited edition air purifier. These are basically just cylinders with Star Wars images on them. But they will clean the air of dust and pollen particles, and help get rid of unwanted odors like the insides of a warm Tauntaun. They’re round so they can fit in your car’s cupholder.

They have a silver ion filter inside and an active carbon filter. They come in three colors and designs and they come with a complimentary Death Star water bottle. Yay?

[Cado via New Launches]