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World’s Tiniest Game Boy Is Perfect for Your Key Chain

 |  |  |  |  December 1, 2016

What you’re looking at is probably the world’s smallest fully-functional Game Boy Color. It can play all of the games using the tiny direction pad and buttons, with the onboard display and battery. Most of us can’t even play it, because our fingers are too big.


It was created by Sprite_TM who wanted a more portable version of the classic Nintendo handheld. It was made by using a 3D printer, ESP32 microcontroller, and a super tiny LED screen. It is way too small to use game cartridges, so naturally it uses a built-in Game Boy emulator. Tech geeks can check out all the gory details in the video below:

Good luck making a Game Boy any smaller than this right now. Any smaller and you would need a magnifying glass to play it anyway.

[via Hack A Day]