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Japanese Restaurant Will Pay You 50,000 Yen to Eat This Ramen Quickly

 |  |  |  December 7, 2016

*Que Eye of the Tiger* Look at this giant bowl of ramen. It’s got lots of chicken in it. This isn’t a family meal. No, this meal is a challenge issued by a Tokyo eatery called Umakara Ramen Hyouri. If you can hork down all this food in 20 minutes, they will pay you 50,000 yen, which is about $438(USD). If it takes you 30 minutes, they will pay you 30,000 yen or $263.


It’s a serious bowlful though, with four servings of ramen, lots of chicken, 8.8 pounds of bean sprouts and about 24 ounces of broth. The meal will cost you $26 or 3,000 yen if you fail to eat it quickly enough. If you puke up the noodles after eating them all, they fine you 10,000 yen or about $88, which I can only assume is how they really make their money.


If you’re wondering what that red stuff is on top, it’s chili powder. It makes my tummy hurt thinking about it, but I still want some ramen like right now.


[via MyNavi via Kotaku]