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This USPS Ornament Displays Package Tracking Info

 |  |  |  |  |  December 22, 2016

During the holiday season, people check the status of their packages more than ever, hoping they will arrive fast and on time. That is why the US Postal Service is testing something new this year. It is called “The Most Wonderful Ornament.” Basically, it’s a Christmas decoration that changes color as the the status of your package is updated.

So now checking your package status is easy. When your package is out for delivery, the ornament lights up blue. It lights up red when the box has been dropped off and green when the recipient has opened it. So this is basically the only thing that most non-business people use the Postal Service’s website for, but hanging on a tree branch.

The cellular-connected ornament comes paired with a shipping box fitted with a sensor that determines when the box has been opened. It’s integrated with the existing USPS tracking system to get information and change its light to the appropriate color based on delivery status.

The Postal Service is are doing a limited trial this year, but maybe next year we can all have one on our tree.

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