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Ewaybot Moro Humanoid Robot Assistant Can Grip Things: Moro, Grab Me a Beer.

 |  |  |  |  |  January 6, 2017

In-home assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home are big right now. They can be pretty handy, but they are also limited: They can tell you where to find a can of beer, maybe how to make beer even, but they can’t bring you one from the fridge. That’s why humanoid assistants are much better.

Photo via Engadget

Robotics company Ewaybot created Moro as a humanoid assistant for research labs and universities. Right now it is in a few schools in China. The robot stands about four feet tall, weighs about 77 pounds, and its arms have six points of articulation, and can avoid obstacles on its own. Moro also has a three-pronged hand that can grip all kinds of things. And like we said, a beer is one of those things. The robot responds to voice communication just like Alexa.

At this point, the robot Рwhich is essentially Alexa on steroids Рwill cost you about $30,000(USD). The goal is to get it in homes around the globe one day at a much better price.

[via Engadget]