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Razer Project Valerie Puts Three Screens on a Laptop

 |  |  |  |  |  |  January 6, 2017

Normally, when I have to work on a laptop, I am much slower than when I’m at home because I use a big old 30-inch screen that lets me get like four windows open at once without having to switch back and forth. On a laptop you can’t do that as easily, or at least that’s what I tell the boss is the reason I don’t get as much done. The Razer Project Valerie laptop will ruin that excuse though.

This insane laptop has got three 4K resolution screens and a honking NVIDIA GTX 1080 GPU to run the show. Those screens are quite thin, and have aluminum hinges that fold away giving the Valerie about the same profile as your typical 17-inch gaming notebook.

You can span your game (by game I mean work) across all three screens in 11520 x 2160 resolution, or use each of the three displays individually.

I kind of want one of these, but I am afraid to learn what it will cost. No word on pricing yet, but with three 17-inch 4K screens and a powerful graphics card like that, it’s sure to destroy your wallet.