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These Smart Knobs Can Turn Your Stove off from Anywhere

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Written by Conner Flynn | January 8, 2017

So you left the house and get on the road for a killer road trip, then 20 minutes into your drive, you wonder if you left the stove on. Normally this would involve heading back home only to find out that you didn’t leave it on in the first place. Well, not anymore. Just keep driving away from your home, and load up the Inirv React app on your phone.

These “smart knobs” are powered dials that sit on your gas stove, letting you turn them off remotely with your smartphone. The knobs can either completely replace your existing ones or sit beneath them like shown in the photo above. A nearby sensor can also sense heat, gas or that you’ve left the house.

Each knob is mechanically powered and can physically turn itself to the off position, so these are perfect for any existing gas stove. Their batteries are good for six months of life before you’ll need to recharge them; same with the sensor that’s mounted near your stove. It has a motion detector inside which will sense if you’re actually around.It will also detect gas, smoke and has a heat sensor that can shut the range off if you’ve left the house with the stove on. Worrying about your stove will be a thing of the past with this device on guard.

The company is crowdfunding the device on Kickstarter and if you want, you can get a set of four knobs and a sensor for $239(USD). When the campaign ends, it will be $299(USD). It seems like a solid investment in safety.

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