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Watch Different Fuels Ignite Inside a See Through Combustion Engine

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Written by Conner Flynn | January 19, 2017

At some point or another we have all imagined what the explosion inside of a combustion engine looks like. That’s because engines are fascinating, and you unfortunately can’t see inside of them while this is happening. Well, now you can see for yourself. Warped Perception filmed different fuels igniting in slow-motion inside of a see-through combustion engine.

With a see-through glass head on a Briggs and Stratton Internal Combustion Engine and slow-motion and 4K slow-motion video, we get to see the whole process. You can watch gasoline, rubbing alcohol, and acetylene each run through the engine with your very own eyes.

You really get a sense of how powerful the explosions are as each ignites and you see the flames swirl like a vicious tornado. It’s fascinating to see how the different fuels burn differently. Some are lazier, others definitely more fiery.

[via reddit via Laughing Squid]