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McDonald’s Testing a Big Mac “ATM”

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Written by Conner Flynn | January 30, 2017

What the!? ATMs are for money. Now they’re for burgers? Yep, now you can go to the ATM and get some money, then go to another ATM and get a Big Mac. The circle is now complete. In this case, ATM must stand for Artery Terrorizing Machine.

Image via @BostonTweet

Yes, this is real. On January 31st, hungry people in Boston will have the opportunity to order McDonald’s Big Macs from a vending machine like this one. You can select from a Big Mac, a Mac Jr, or a Grand Mac. Obviously if it does well, you’ll eventually see these all over the place, in and out of McDonald’s.

It won’t be long until you be able to get fries, shakes, Happy Meals, Filet ‘O Fishes, Egg McMuffins, and everything else from an Mickey D’s ATM. But is it still McDonald’s if the food isn’t served by a pimply faced college kid?

[uncoached via Neatorama]