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WinkBeds CoolControl Lets You Control the Temperature of your Bed

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Written by Shane McGlaun | February 1, 2017

It always surprises me how little thought people put into their beds despite the fact that poor sleep can ruin everything about your life. I’d bet I’m not the only married person who has a significant other who likes a drastically different temperature than I do in the house. I like it cold and my wife is always freezing. That means I am always hot because we all know the wife gets her way 99% of the time.

WinkBeds makes a slick hybrid bed that is part foam mattress and part innerspring, creating a combination of the two styles. The coolest part is that the bed has a base that has thermoelectric heating and cooling tech inside. This tech, dubbed “CoolControl” means that you can control each side of the bed to get whatever temperature you want using an app on your smartphone.

The CoolControl base allows you to raise the temperature of the bed up to 30-degrees above ambient temperature and cool it down to 15-degrees below ambient temp. That means in the winter if you keep it cool in the house because you are cheap like me, you still can can be nice and toasty in bed. At the same time if you keep the house warmer in the summer to save money, you can cool the bed so you sleep better. This sounds like the best thing to happen to beds since we moved from sleeping on straw. The price of the bed varies depending on what size you need.

A king WinkBeds mattress alone will cost you $1,499 and if you want that slick CoolBase it will add another $2,500 to the price. You can save a few hundred bucks going with a queen. Beds are available with the CoolControl base in twin, twin XL, full, king, queen, split king, king, and California king. I’ve never heard of a split king, but I assume we are talking two twin beds and bases.

You can order the bed and temperature control base from WinkBeds now.