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ReAction E.T. Action Figure Set Will Steal Your Speak & Spell

 |  |  |  |  |  February 2, 2017

I remember when E.T. came out at the theater when I was a kid. I wanted to go see it so bad I couldn’t stand it, but my parents wouldn’t take me. Instead, I had to wait the average 97 years it took movies to land on video back in the ’80s to see it. I remember two things, I had a big crush on Drew Barrymore and I so wanted that flying bike.

Fans of Spielberg’s classic movie who want to relive those early ’80s childhood memories will want to grab this action figure set.

The retro-style Funko ReAction figures include Elliot, E.T., and Gertie, as well as accessories like a tiny Speak and Spell. They’re available for $29.99(USD) at Entertainment Earth. It’s limited to 5,000 pieces globally, though the sets aren’t individually numbered. There’s also a glow-in-the-dark version of E.T. but it appears to already be sold out.

I was always mad they didn’t make a sequel to E.T. – almost as angry as I was that there was never a sequel to The Last Starfighter.