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These Arcade Game Shadow Boxes are Simply Awesome

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Written by Paul Strauss | February 4, 2017

Do you love classic arcade games, but don’t have the room (or the cash) for an arcade cabinet in your living room? These fantastic pieces of arcade-inspired wall art are the next best thing.

Each one of Glitch Arwork’s 3D shadow boxes uses a combination of authentic arcade graphics, along with some artistic license to make the scenes more dynamic and for the sake of composition. Thanks to the way they’re cut out, they really pop, and look amazing.

They’ve got designs inspired by Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Zelda, Mario, Rampage!, Street Fighter II, Super Metroid, Pong, and many more. Every one of these is amazing. I so need the Bubble Bobble one for my wall. That game is awesome.

They’re each handmade by artists Jill and T-Bone Forest using layers of carefully cut color prints and foamboard, then framed. Unlike the ones in the photos here, they also come with a protective sheet of glass in front.

Check all the work that goes into making each oneĀ in the video below, then drop by GlitchArtwork’s Etsy shop to buy a bunch for your wall. With prices ranging from about $35 to $70, they’re really reasonably priced for original pieces of handmade art!