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The 25 Most Painful LEGO Bricks to Step on

 |  |  February 20, 2017

Everyone knows that pain of stepping on LEGO bricks. Few things in the world are as painful or induce more expletives shouted in anger. And when you think of all of the styles and shapes of LEGO pieces, some hurt worse than others. Well, the folks at the Nerdist have taken the time to rank the most painful pieces that your foot can encounter.

The idea is this: If you had to pick one LEGO piece not to step on, which one would that be? So they browsed the LEGO Shop, scanning through 1,244 available pieces to determine which ones are the┬ámost evil on your bare feet. It turns out that many of them are, so it wasn’t easy to narrow them down.

Check out the list for yourself and think about it the next time you enter your kid’s room.

[via Nerdist]