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The Amazon Go Store Will Sell Beer and Wine Too

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Written by Conner Flynn | February 23, 2017

Amazon’s recently unveiled brick-and-mortar grocery store, Amazon Go, not just sell food, it’s going to sell booze too. Okay, now I’m all for this. This convenience store, currently running as a test in Seattle, wants to revolutionize the old corner shop by eliminating human cashiers almost entirely.

The store is designed to charge customers automatically as they take items off the shelves and leave the store. You are automatically charged for the items via an app, which is scanned on your phone when you enter the store. That means no standing in lines, which everyone should love. Machine learning, sensors, and cameras are gunning to take our jobs. Yay!

However, now that Amazon has confirmed that the store in Seattle will also sell alcoholic beverages, this will require a human to be present to check IDs. That is going to be one lonely cashier.

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