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Burger-Flipping Robot: Bot’s Burgers

 |  |  |  March 10, 2017

This specialty robot from from Miso Robotics is ready to put fast food workers out business and it does not care. It’s called “Flippy,” and it’s basically a smaller and more dexterous version of a typical robotic arm.

It’s designed to be fast, precise, and smart. It flips burgers and then puts them on buns when ready. Flippy has cameras that can see the location of each patty and bun, and sensors can check when a patty is cooked and when it needs to be flipped over. It can even get out of the way of any human who still has to place the patties on the grill. This is artificial intelligence at work to cook our burgers to perfection.

For the moment, humans still need to help by putting meat on the grill, but one day robots will do it all themselves. Flippy’s first gig is at a California chain called CaliBurger, who plans to have Flippies in 50 or more of their restaurants over the next 2 years. Miso Robotics doesn’t just want burger-flipping bots either. They’ve got their sights set on fry cooking, plating, and other kitchen tasks as well.

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