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Modishspoon Stirs Espresso Without Destroying the Foam


Written by Shane McGlaun | March 16, 2017

The only thing I really know about coffee or espresso is that I don’t like the way any of it tastes. My daily caffeine intake is taken entirely in the form of Dr. Pepper. If you are a fan of espresso you might have noticed that you can’t stir sugar into your brew with a normal spoon without jacking up the layer of foam on top. I know, first world problems.

If that doesn’t sit well with you, you might want to get hands on this fancy spoon that is made specifically for stirring in sugar without messing up the froth on top. I guess that the Modishspoon isn’t really a spoon at all – it’s more of a stir stick.

It’s designed to hook onto the side of your cup so you don’t have to contaminate your spoon with germs by sitting it on the table. While it should work with any espresso cup, they’re also selling a custom cup which is designed to show off your funky looking stirrer.

Modishspoon is on Kickstarter right now, seeking to raise production funds. A single spoon will cost you about $6(USD).