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This Guy Demonstrates Some Amazing Slinky Tricks

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Written by Conner Flynn | March 29, 2017

Check out Kuma Films‘ awesome video of a Slinky fan and Slinky trick master demonstrating his impressive skills. Most of us just let our Slinkies walk down the stairs when we were kids. And they wouldn’t always do it successfully all of the time.

黃正懷 has some amazing Slinky skills. Who knows how long he had to train to become a Jedi Master at this twisty toy. I don’t even understand how he can manipulate it so gracefully, without it getting all tangled and messed up. I wonder if he could do the same with the classic metal version.

This guy needs to perform this routine in Vegas and get all of the money.

[via The Awesomer via Geekologie]