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PIXIO Magnetic Construction Blocks Let You Build Colorful Voxel Art

 |  |  |  |  |  March 29, 2017

Do you like pixel art? Did you know that when pixels are turned into their 3-dimensional equivalents, they’re called “voxels?” Well now you do. Pretty soon, you’ll have a fun new way to build your own personal voxel art sculptures, thanks to PIXIO.

Like LEGO and other building blocks tiny, colorful plastic cubes are designed for building all kinds of figures and structures. But what makes PIXIO bricks different is that they’ve got magnets inside of them, which means they snap right into place when they get near each other.

You can build all kinds of cool stuff with them, and if for some reason you can’t come up with your own designs, PIXIO will be creating a smartphone app, loaded up with easy, color-coded designs for you to follow.

Each cube measures 8 x 8 x 8mm, or about 1/3″ cubed. There are six tiny neodymium magnets inside, so each side can stick to another cube. To start, they’ll come in 16 different colors, but hopefully they’ll become so popular that we’ll get more colors down the road. At least they’ve been kind enough to include some skin tones in the first batch of colors.

Check out the gallery below for a bunch of ideas of things you could create with PIXIO blocks, then head over to Kickstarter to place your order now. A starter set of 50 assorted blocks will cost you $19(USD), with 100 going for $35, 200 for $55, 400 for $85, 800 for $149, 1600 for $290, or whopping 3200 blocks for $550.