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This Alien Egg Cookie Jar Has a Facehugger Lid

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Written by Conner Flynn | March 30, 2017

In space no one can hear you snack. Fans of the Aliens movies will love this creepy Xenomorph Egg Cookie Jar, though it might scare you every time you enter the kitchen.

This cookie jar looks like a xenomorph egg, and it even has a facehugger lid. It’s great for dieting since it is kind of disgusting and terrifying, and would probably discourage you from reaching for the jar. It would actually be awesome if every time you reached for a cookie, a facehugger was slapped against your face.

Now that would keep you from eating too many cookies, and help you lose weight for sure. Somebody should get on that right away.

If you dare to put one of these in your kitchen, keep an eye out on Amazon. They’re currently sold out, but should retail for about $30(USD) when they’re available again.

[via DangerousMinds via Geekologie]